Project 365

I made a decision just before Christmas 2015 that I wanted to explore my photography. It seems that I have always had a camera. I got a little Brownie when I was small. I think it was a hand me down from my grandfather. Then I had a Kodak Pocket Instamatic with flash cubes. I moved onto a Kodak Handle instant camera - I did not have a Polaroid like the cool kids. :)

I moved through Nikons, then into digital cameras with various point n shoots from Fuji, Olympus, Canon and Nikon. I moved into digital SLR with the Nikon D100 then onto the D90 and now have the Nikon D5500 as my small body and the D500 as my main sports body. Oh, and I carry a Sony a6000 in my laptop bag wherever I go.

As I was trying to figure out how to better my photography, I decided to start a 365 project. I will endeavor to take and post one picture each day for a year. Check it out here and I hope you like it.