Nobody is interested in your Photographs

I recently updated my online photography portfolio and a number of my friends and family reached out to me saying how they enjoyed them. Of course this made me feel good but I began to wonder whether the pictures were good or whether my friends like me well enough to be kind in their feedback. I was reminded that we are living in the greatest time in history.

Invention is at a fever pitch. Products are being refined and invented at rate never seen before. Further, "content" if you want to call it that, is being created at a higher rate than ever before. Check out YouTube to just get a glimpse of all the content that is being created and shared on a daily basis. It is simply mind-boggling. Add to this technology revolution the fact that at no time in have we as a society had this much free time and you get a boatload of substandard content that nobody does - nor should - care about.

That said, we need art that matters. I know, "is photography art?" Well for the purposes of this post, photography is art. So, this dichotomy of photography that nobody should care about and art that matters is not easily resolved. In this video by Art of Photography -  Nobody Cares about your Photography - Ted Forbes argues that although nobody does or should care about  your photography, we need work that matters.

So, I've decided that I need work that matters, too. 

Sliver of the Moon at Sunrise. Prague 2016.

Sliver of the Moon at Sunrise. Prague 2016.